our mission

We are Here for Windsor.

our values

  • We support our local growers, brewers, artisans and producers.

  • We help build careers and support advancement for our people.

  • Our purpose is to reward the hard working people of our home town with the best of everything; excellent fresh food and drink, a comfortable place to enjoy themselves and warm, welcoming hospitality. 


  • Sourcing local is always our first choice, because everyone should.

  • Scratch is how we do it. Scratch baked buns, scratch-made sauces, breads, stocks, gravies, and soups.  Scratch because it's fresher, better and well, you can taste it.

  • And that means our chicken & beef is hand cut fresh right here and GOOD GOD! Never frozen! There's no fillers, gluten or funny stuff in our burgers.  Just REALLY good Beef.

  • Our kitchen is always outrageously clean, and just in case of allergies, we have an Epi-pen.


the team

Bill Kobrosli

Owner & Executive Chef

Email: bill@factoryhouse.ca

Bill is the guy that started it all, the head honcho, the mad scientist, and a downright great boss. He wears a lot of hats at the Factory House, and he wears them well. One of his previous endeavours was opening a small bakery in the heart of Vancouver BC.  This small bakery grew from just a few employees to just over 100. You could probably say that food is his passion. When he has a spare moment, you can find Bill working away in his workshop building something new or restoring something old.

mona elkadri

Community Manager & Partner

Email: mona@factoryhouse.ca


We call Mona the DIY Queen. The creative avenue is her speciality and you can definitely see it in our drool-worthy photos. Mona takes care of our marketing & social presence as well as the administrative mumbo jumbo. She spends most of her free time sewing, baking, blogging, and feeding her foodie soul.

sarah mckeegan

General Manager

Email: sarah@factoryhouse.ca

Sarah is our manager over here at Factory House. Her goal is to make sure you're having the best dining experience & that includes more than just the food. She takes on the painstaking responsibility of searching and sourcing the best craft brews, wines & spirits. It's a tough job, but someones gotta do it.  She spends her free time travelling, going to NASCAR races, and is a DIE. HARD. Red Wings fan.


Team Leader



Drew is also one of our super awesome team leaders at Factory House. Like Carly, he helps to ensure that your experience with us is one of the best.  





Our restaurant was designed by ADA Architecture. Signage by Angel Star. Iron work by Red Iron Design. Custom wall murals by Christy Litster.  Photography by Oh So Mona Creative.